Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mixed stuff

Since the last few levels I am quite struggling with the hardcore grinding quests so I thought I'll give the sorcerer a try to first check out if the class is any good and second if the templar is just that slow in killing mobs.

My sorcerer is just level 12 so I am really not able to answer my second question yet but honestly I like the finger wiggling bastard with his bolts of fire and amazing roots! Soloing against one mob is up to now very easy still I am not good enough for 2 mobs the same time because I panic most times and target the wrong mob. But it is definitely doable for more experienced player than me.
So I will for sure stick to that class at least till level 20! Till the grinding begins again I guess...

And here are my competition screenshots Toothy! Got some really crazy toons mate!! Hope you like them! Inbreeding ftw! ;)