Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Unexpected things happen! And I am glad about that! I am talking about the new horror movie "Paranormal Activity"!

Since High budget movies pumped up with special effects like a boomer with vomit often forget about a nice story or a red line to follow so I am quite happy to see that low budget movies like "Paranormal Activity" can break out of the Hollywood mainstream and show those weirdos called Spielberg or Emmerich that it isnt all about the money or so called "stars". (Which most times just look nice but act like a troll trying to imitate a ratonga)
Or take a look at the 2012 movie...I mean I hate the trailer already...I am really fet up with those earthshaking -breaking, everything is destroyed, burning and exploding bullcrap of a movie without any logic nor sense!

By the way: Isnt it insane that "Paranormal Activity" just cost about 12.000 $ (what is around € 10.000)? You got to know that the producer earned so far around 104.000 $ / € 70.000!! And the movie didnt come out in EU so far!
Hell yeah, I got loads of ideas to come up with for a nice Horror movie!! Damn...

Anyway, so far I have just heard good things about that movie and since Horror is exactly my thing if it come to movies I cant wait to watch it!
I am remembering all the other great low budget movies like "Saw I" or "Blair Witch Project" and get almost horny! ;)


  1. I heard Paranormal Activity is great althought it reminds of all of the hype that the Blair Witch Project got in the 90s.

  2. Absolutely!
    Even the advertisement is like Blair Witch - means no advertisement at all -> just people talking about it! Still it works out well! ;)
    But since I saw the trailer today I am really looking forward to see the movie on sunday!